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Lambda VF-1 Edge

When Semrock® introduced the VersaChrome® filter technology Sutter Instrument designed multiple systems incorporating this exciting innovation. These tunable filter systems produce the center wavelength you select on command. Now Semrock has taken the next logical step: the VersaChrome Edge, filter technology that allows selection of the band-width as well
as the center wavelength. This new filter system uses separate tunable shortpass and longpass filters in series to define the bandpass. An additional filter is used in series with these filters to provide the best blocking outside the pass-band.

Sutter Instrument has already developed the Lambda VF-1 Edge, a system that allows selection of both the long and short end of the bandpass in nanometer steps. This new system uses two of our VF-1 filter tilting modules and a Sutter Lambda 10-B controller to give direct control over the bandpass via the unit’s keypad or through external control from a computer or other device. Individual VF-1 modules can also be used with these filters to provide tunable longpass or shortpass filtering.

The filter sets available cover the wavelengths from <400nm to more than 1100nm. Within this range you can select the half-power point for the shortpass and longpass filters to any value in steps of 1nm. If the longpass wavelength is set higher than the shortpass wavelength the transmission will be blocked, acting as a shutter. There are more than 5,000 combinations of filter settings available with the VF-1 Edge.

VF-1 EDGE* Lambda VF-1 Edge, longpass and shortpass VersaChrome Edge filters, blocking filter, Lambda 10-B control unit, serial and USB cables, power cable and manual.
*Please select filter(s) when ordering

Axon Digidata 1550B plus HumSilencer

Airtables and Faraday Cages

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Lambda HPX-L5
High Output LED Light Source


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4-Axis Motorized Micromanipulator

The Sutter Instrument Company has introduced "The Quad" a new FOUR-AXIS MICROMANIPULATOR SYSTEM. The X,Y,Z axis provide 25mm range of motion and the DIAGONAL offers 30mm. For more information see the tabs below.

Quad, the newest Sutter Instrument motorized micromanipulator, is easy-to use and features four independent axes. Each axis has a 25 mm range of motion, a digital display of position and an ROE control. The compact, intuitive controller takes up minimal bench space, is fan free and is easy to use.

Three axes provide the X, Y, Z-orthogonal motion typical of most motorized micromanipulators. In the Quad, Sutter introduces a true fourth axis to move the electrode coaxially at exactly the desired angle of approach. The fourth axis also significantly extends the range of travel for the system.

The Quad is very easy to operate. ROE inputs for each axis allow facile manual control of electrode position. Five conveniently located buttons control all of the basic functions that you will need in normal operation. Press and hold the Work button to quickly store a work position; press Work again and the manipulator will return to the same location. Home sends the manipulator to an initial location that is useful for changing electrodes. When you are ready to begin collecting data the motor drive electronics can be suppressed by pressing Quiet. Display coordinates can be zeroed at any location by pressing Relative; go back to absolute coordinates by pressing Relative again. Finally, Pulse actives a pulse movement mode that produces small, rapid bursts of motion that can be advantageous for sharp electrode cell penetration.

All of the electronics, except for a small power supply, are inside the Quad controller. Sutter has achieved this space savings by using high frequency current switching to regulate motor output. Switching technology allows us to put a four-axis stepper motor controller in a small box with no fan. In some experiments we expect users may detect a bit of high frequency electronic noise (compared to our standard linear controllers). However, once the pipette is in place and the Quiet mode activated this noise is eliminated. The Quiet mode also locks out the ROE input to avoid any accidental motion due to touching the ROE. In Quiet mode, the LED display turns red to indicate that the ROE knobs are inactive.

In keeping with the compact, easy to use controller, the Quad has no computer connections. Users who need a controller with computer connectivity or a controller that can be used to generically control a range of stepper motor devices are encouraged to use the industry standard Sutter MP-285 or the MPC-200 controllers.


  • Four independent axes - 30mm travel in diagonal for coaxial pipette movement, 25mm travel in X, Y and Z
  • Sub-micron 100nm resolution
  • Digital display indicates coordinates in relative or absolute
  • User-friendly, fanless compact controller with ROE preserves bench space
  • Push button control of multiple functions - WORK, HOME, QUIET, PULSE and RELATIVE
  • Robotic HOME and WORK position moves for easy automated pipette exchange

    30 mm on diagonal 4th axis
    25 mm on X, Y and Z axes

    115/230 Volts
    50/60 Hertz power line

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