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Airtables and Faraday Cages

Air Tables & Faraday Cages

Physiological experiments, such as electrophysiological recordings and imaging experiments, are susceptible to environmental factors that introduce noise to the signals. Predominant noise sources are mechanical vibrations and, in the case of electrophysiology, electromagnetic interference (EMI). The cleanest way of dealing with noise of any modality is to avoid it at the source rather than attempting to remove it from a noisy signal after the fact. This strategy avoids the risk of introducing filter artifacts or other unwanted effects. Air tables and Faraday cages are proven ways to eliminate noise caused by vibration and electromagnetic fields, respectively. Sutter Instrument now offers a series of vibration isolation tables from Kinetic Systems with feature sets tailored for scientists who perform electrophysiological recordings, including patch clamp, microinjections, or imaging experiments that require the utmost stability.

Each air table comes with a state-of-the-art stainless steel, magnetic breadboard tabletop in either metric (M6 tapped holes on 25 mm centers) or imperial (¼-20 tapped holes on 1” centers) versions. Custom configurations and additional options are available on request. Please contact Sutter to discuss your specific requirements.

Electrophysiology and Microinjection Workstations
Patch clamp and other electrophysiological techniques share the same requirements for vibration isolation with most microinjection techniques. The AT-3036 Air Table will meet the needs of most electrophysiology and microinjection applications, providing excellent vibration isolation across the entire relevant spectrum. Guardrails prevent accidentally pushing the tabletop and carry a practical sliding shelf just above the work surface for easy access to control devices. Optional padded armrests conveniently attach to the front guardrail and provide support for the researcher who prefers using the eyepieces of the microscope over camera-and-monitor operation. If more space is required, e.g., if voluminous imaging equipment needs to be installed for combined patch clamp and imaging experiments, the AT-3648 Air Table offers additional room for these complex applications.

Options and Accessories
A set of retractable casters helps move the table during relocation or facilitates clean-up in the event of a spill. For most electrophysiology applications, the Faraday cage with wire mesh roll-up door is strongly recommended. An optional overhead rear shelf is available and comes standard with the AT-3648-20 table. The overhead side shelf can be installed to accommodate the components of a gravity feed perfusion set-up or to provide storage for items that need to be easily accessible during the experiment.

Optical Tables
Imaging experiments, such as two-photon microscopy using Sutter’s MOM™ Moveable Objective Microscope®, typically require larger vibration isolation tables, but rarely need electromagnetic shielding. Three configurations of optical tables are available for these types of experiments: the models AT-48, AT-58 and AT-610. Each version is available as a stand-alone table or with leg braces, leg stands and casters.

  • Electrophysiology
  • Cellular and subcellular microinjection
  • Photomicroscopy
  • Videomicroscopy
  • Provides a stable, level base for your experimental setup
  • Active air suspension maintains leveling within 0.001 inch
  • Vertical and horizontal vibration isolation
  • Available with metric or imperial tapped hole pattern
  • Guardrails prevent accidental contact with the table top
  • Optional Faraday cage for low-noise electrophysiology applications
  • Optional casters facilitate relocation and cleanup after a spill
  • Optional accessories to meet your individual needs


All Sutter Instrument Air Tables come with a state-of-the-art stainless, magnetic breadboard tabletop in either metric (M6 tapped holes on 25mm centers) or imperial (¼-20 on 1 inch centers) versions.

Custom configurations or additional options are available on request. Please contact Sutter for details.

Model AT-3036 Model AT-3648
Dimensions1 36in x 30in x 28.5in
91cm x 76cm x 72cm
48in x 36in x 28.5in
122cm x 91cm x 72cm
Load Capacity2 470lbs / 213kg 781lbs / 354kg
Table Thickness 4in / 10cm 4in / 10cm
Table Construction Honeycomb core with magnetic, stainless steel top layer
Table Hole Pattern3 M6 on 25mm centers or ¼-20 on 1in centers
Faraday Height 48in / 122cm 48in / 122cm
Faraday Cage
Cable Pass-through
Two circular openings with diameters of 2in / 5cm
Sliding Shelf Width4 10in / 25cm 10in / 25cm

Model AT-48 Model AT-58 Model AT-610
Dimensions1 96in x 48in x 36in
244cm x 122cm x 91cm
96in x 59in x 36in
244cm x 150cm x 91cm
120in x 72in x 36in
305cm x 183cm x 91cm
Load Capacity2 3150lbs / 1428kg 2800lbs / 1270kg 6000lbs / 2721kg
Table Thickness 8in / 20cm 8in / 20cm 8in / 20cm
Table Construction Honeycomb core with magnetic, stainless steel top layer
Table Hole Pattern3 M6 on 25mm centers or ¼-20 on 1in centers

1 Length x width x height. Height to top of table surface.
2 Applied to the center of the tabletop
3 Smooth top layer available on request
4 Different widths available on request

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